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Q. Can't I just read your book? Do I need the 7-day challenge?
A. Absolutely you can get tons of value out of my book! The 10-step guide found in my book provides you with exactly what to do to hone your psychic gifts quickly and easily.

 The challenge, however, is when you have questions. Who's there to answer them? The 7-Day Challenge is the PERFECT compliment to support you while you're reading the book so you get all your questions answered.

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All we ask is that you indeed show proof of going through all the training (which is part of the program). If you still don't have a NOTICEABLE SHIFT in your energy, I'm happy to still give you the free 30-minute psychic reading just for completing the challenge!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to finish reading the book first in order to join the 7-day challenge?
A. I've designed the 7-day challenge as the perfect compliment to the book while you read. Think of the 7-day challenge as the shortcut cliff notes via the video training. The book provides more in-depth examples and explanations. 

They can also be stand-alone training resources.

Q. How do I know if I'm ready to take the 7-day challenge?
A. Listen, I get it... Many students at first feel like they need to "get ready" before taking the leap. However, the 7-day challenge is actually designed for exactly that -- to help you get ready. By completing the step-by-step challenge, you gain more confidence each day. You take baby-steps towards activating your psychic third eye, with all your questions answered along the way direct from yours truly.

Then, if you want even more training to learn how to read energy, give energy healings to others, and communicate with your spirit guides more effectively, then the 7-day challenge provides a SOLID FOUNDATION for even more advanced psychic training.

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How it works


The big idea here is most awakening psychics become way too open, too floaty, and have no psychic boundaries at all. When you're not grounded, too much information comes your way, much too quickly. 

This is important because this leads to only having RANDOM psychic experiences at best. At worst, it's easy to get extremely overwhelmed  and feel BLOCKED from accessing your gifts.

This means you need tools for grounding and for psychic protection.

👉Good news: You get these tools in my book.

Key #1:



The main thing to understand here is that tapping into your gifts is like looking through a clear glass window.  When the window is dirty, it's hard to see through, right?

Most people aren't clear. Thus, too many strain way too hard... leading to even more frustration, and feeling even more blocked.

This means its better to go step-by-step, and not jump into activating your psychic 3rd eye right away. 

👉Good news: You get the tools to safely activate your psychic 3rd eye in my book as well.

Key #2:


The third secret is, PRACTICE & VALIDATE.

The main thing to understand here is this is the missing piece that even my book can't provide.

 That is, you can't just read. You actually have to go out and PRACTICE!

There's a challenge to this, though, that many students throughout the years have struggled with.

That is, getting the one-on-one validation to let you know that the psychic messages you end up getting are indeed not crazy

At this stage, many awakening psychics are needing answers to the following most commonly asked questions: 

❓"Am I doing this right?" 

❓"What do I do next?" 

❓"What does that weird energy mean???"

Practice makes perfect, right? Well, not if you practicing the wrong things...

What's the solution?

With a mentor who can give you direct feedback, then you get all your questions answered. 

This is what VALIDATION is all about. Now, you know exactly what and how to practice so that you keep moving forward!

Then, reaching your highest potential is MUCH EASIER & FASTER compared to trying to go at this without any answers at all.

Key #3:


Yes! I ACCEPT The Challenge!

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👉 Follow Our Step-By-Step Process to Hone Your Natural Psychic Gifts, Control Your Abilities & Tap Into Your Psychic 3rd Eye... 

In Just 7 Days!

(100% Online!)

Read From Past Challengers in Their Own Words...

You'll Discover...

How to SAFELY OPEN Your 3rd Eye while overcoming any fears of being overcome or attacked by foreign energies.

DISCOVER my #1 Secret that Enables Complete Control over your natural abilities to read energy WITHOUT feeling drained or overwhelmed in the process.

HOW TO AVOID THE BIGGEST MISTAKE most awakening psychics are making in 2021.

How to get Practice and Validation that what you know you're experiencing IS REAL and that you indeed are not crazy!

More About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Joe Award-Winning Author of "Journey of the Awakened Psychic." I've personally helped hundreds of students go from feeling lost and confused about their gifts, to feeling more spiritually fulfilled that they can honor a higher calling to use their gifts to help heal others.

My book is based on seeing what my most successful students throughout the last 10 years went through. I've distilled down to what works, and help you to avoid what doesn't work. It's the basis for the 10-step guide found in my book.

The book went on to win Best Psychic Book by Soul & Spirit Magazine (online magazine based out of the UK).

My specialty is breaking down the training into unique, easy to follow, step by step training videos. 

My goal for every student is that they fulfill their highest potential by healing themselves, and thus opening the doors to help others heal.

I'm based out of the San Francisco bay area. I'm a Navy Vet. And I have my two cats, and my little-in-stature, but big in personality chihuahua - who you might see on occasion in my training videos!

While you're waiting, watch this introductory message from the author...


How to Prepare Your Body for Energy Work

The big idea here is you ALWAYS want to honor your body first BEFORE tapping into your gifts.

This is important because when your body, your aura, and your psychic space is not clear, then this can lead to access to your gifts feeling block.

Instead, you learn the exact method for grounding so that you can instantly feel more clear and connected to your gifts.


Overcome the Three Hidden Energy Blocks Keeping Your From Accessing Your Gifts

The big idea here is learning in-depth the 3 energies blocking access to your natural abilities..

This is important because awakening psychics will often confuse these energies as "normal"... especially if you've been feeling blocked for a long time now.

Instead, you learn exactly how to identify these 3 specific blocks, so that you can then increase your energy awareness even more.


Learn Psychic Boundaries & Psychic Protection

The big idea here is most students become TOO open when they start opening up. 

Ironically enough, in opening up too much, the experience can be more like feeling too blocked -- because too much energy is coming your way!

Instead, you learn how to define your psychic boundaries. Once you have those boundaries are better defined, then it's much easier to protect your psychic space from foreign energies.


Activate Your Psychic 3rd Eye

The big idea here is once you done the work in days 1-3, then activating your 3rd eye is a natural result.

This is important because without clearing first, then it's like viewing out your 3rd eye through a dirty lens.

Instead, you learn exactly what to do so you can start reading energy with your 3rd eye.


Reading Energy

The big idea here is on day 4 you just begin seeing energy. Now the next question students ask is, "What does it mean?"

This is important because now you fine-tune your intuition even more to read energy.

Now it's like leaning a brand you new language -- a new way to connect with energy and a new way to connect with your own spiritual answers.


What Elevating Your Psychic Gifts REALLY Looks Like Beyond The Challenge

The big idea here is to answer the question, "So what's next?"

This is important because many people feel a higher calling to use their gifts for something greater.

On this special day, you learn exactly what "Next Level" looks like. And you learn an even greater pathway should you want to use your gifts to help heal others.


Practice Day!

The big idea here is many people, unfortunately, have no one to share this experience with.

This practice day is important because now you can actually join me on one of my live broadcasts and practice with me! Then you can get some validation on these practice events.

Speaking of validation... Imagine that in only 6 short days, you're now at the point where you can begin reading others. Mind you, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Q. How do I know if not just like the rest trying to take my money?
A. That's a fair question. Scroll down below and I have included actual screenshots and video from students who have gone through the 7-day challenge. Read and listen to students in their own words.

If for any reason you go through the entire challenge, and you're still not satisfied, then simply email us at support@journeyoftheawakenedpsychic.com for a no questions asked refund.

All we ask is you give the training a fair, earnest shot! If you don't sense a noticeable shift in your energy after completing all 7 days of the training, then I'm happy to refund your $27.

Q. What's it like to get a psychic reading with you?
A. First of all, I love giving readings. When I read, I get down to the core of who people are. I believe that we're all spirit in a body, and the body is the vehicle for the soul.

That said, when I give you a reading, I get past personality, past appearances, and I like to get beneath just surface level. When you get a reading or healing with me, we get right down to your spiritual path and purpose.

You can ask me about anything during the reading. The most common areas are love, relationships, spiritual path, business, next steps in life and health. You can literally ask me about anything and I 'clairvoyantly' take a look at the energy of your question.

The greatest benefit for students to get a reading from me is you get to EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND what it's like to get a reading. My goal for all my students is whatever I can do, you eventually learn to do too.

This is one reason why I decided to just give away this reading for free, for anyone who earnestly completes the 7-day challenge within the next 10 days! You LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE!

Q. Why is your book for free? And why is the 7-day challenge priced so low? What's the catch?
A. Thanks for asking. As I noted in the training video above, the idea is you get a taste of what I do, how I teach, and gaining actual results YOU CAN EXPERIENCE for yourself. 

Then if you like what you learned and you want even more, then the idea is you'll want to do even more business with me later. 

For more advanced training, I have what's known as the Elevate Your Psychic Gifts Program where you learn how to read energy (e.g. reading past lives, chakras, next steps, etc.), how to give karma-free energy healings, and how to communicate with your spirit guides more effectively.

There are currently 30+ students going through the Elevate Program right now as of the publication of this webpage. Everyone who completes the 7-day challenge is well prepared to enter this next-level training!

Read From More Past Challengers in Their Own Words...

The Problem:

Where Can I Get Opportunities for Practice & Validation?

I know for a fact, many of you feel a higher purpose with your gifts.

You might even have a higher calling to want to start using your gifts so that you can start helping others.

Talking about honoring a higher calling!

What a life that would be… actually doing something you love, and having fun doing it… Imagine that!

That's my goal for all my students.

But you gotta start somewhere, right?...

So here's what I have to offer you now:

The 3 Keys to Ensuring Your Psychic Success (Masterclass Video Transcript)

Honoring A Higher Calling?

Hey, did you know that you don't need years and years of psychic training to activate your psychic third eye?

I know it sounds crazy because we're so used to seeing so-call "natural born psychics" on TV who seem to have complete control over their abilities. 

While that might be the case, I'm going to share three secrets with you today that are going to revolutionize the way you hone your natural psychic abilities... and tap into your psychic 3rd eye within the next 10 Days or Less.

Hi. I'm Joe Gacoscos, award-winning author of the book you just got your hands on, Journey of the Awakened Psychic. 

I've helped 1000's of readers and students from all over the world learn to shortcut their way to honing their gifts, so they can use their gifts to help heal others.

You made a great decision to download my book. Now, I want to help ENSURE you get the greatest benefit my book has to offer, just like many readers before you.

But first...

What’s the biggest difference between those who are successful at getting huge results in honing their psychic gifts... compared to those who don’t succeed?

It all boils down to the 3 KEYS TO PSYCHIC SUCCESS. 

These 3 keys are the PROVEN PATHWAY to building a SOLID FOUNDATION, so you can get the most from reading my book.

In the mini-training video above or the transcript below, I share this proven pathway with you now... 

Let’s look at the 3 KEYS my most successful students have followed, and how you can, too.

You might be wondering...

"What if I’m not ready yet?"

"Shouldn't I wait to feel more confident first before opening my psychic third eye?"


"This all sounds good Joe, but I don't have anyone to practice with!"

Well, what if I told you, based on the experiences of my most successful students, that none of that is true...

You don't have to wait to be "ready" nor do you need to feel confident yet to start.

What if you can just start with where you are at today, then just take it step by step as laid out in the 3 keys.


What if you had and opportunity to practice, and get the direct validation and support you need, to help you overcome your challenges every step of the way?

Would you be interested in that? If so...

You can do so within DAYS and not weeks, months or even years from now?

Even if you’re not some so-called natural born psychic?

Now... literally anyone who has a desire and a willingness to follow a proven pathway can do this.

In as little as 7 days, it's a proven pathway that can work for just about everyone...


With a 7-Day Awakening Challenge that encompasses all 3 Keys:

Imagine that in only 7 days from today, you can feel confident that by not only having the "What" to do found in my book...

You also get the HOW TO DO IT when you get feedback and mentorship directly from me to you.

Instead of stumbling block after stumbling block, what if you you got every single one of your questions answered every step of the way?

How cool would that be to access this much easier pathway to psychic success?

I'll introduce the 7-Day Challenge in just a bit, but first...


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Listen to What Past Challengers Have Said ...

The 3 Keys to Ensuring Your Psychic Success

Watch This Free Mini-Masterclass To Discover How To Get The Greatest Benefit From Reading My Book

Free Reading Spots Are Indeed LIMITED

To sweeten the deal even more, I’m also throwing this in for a limited time ONLY…

Anyone who completes the challenge within the next 10 days, you get an exclusive, FREE 30 minute psychic reading with me.

Normally I charge $125 to the public for these 30 minute psychic readings.

This means by signing up today...

You’re practically getting the training found in the 7-day challenge for FREE - and then some!

My assistant has said I'm crazy for giving away all these readings for free. He's probably right :)

That said, because my own capacity is limited, I can only open up a max of 2-3 slots per day on my calendar for these free readings.

I’ve instructed my assistant that once the next 2 weeks worth of time slots has been filled, to take this page down right away.

I don't want to get too overbooked!

Also, new Challengers are joining everyday...

Once I've reached a max of 40 students going through the challenge at any given time, I've also asked my assistant to take this sign up page down.

This means you run the risk that if you try refreshing this page later today, this offer might already be GONE.

My apologies in advance if that happens… Like I said, there’s only one of me... and so this isn't some gimmicky marketing message...

If this page does disappear, we won't know exactly when spots will open up once again. You might see a link to sign up for a waiting list instead.

So don't hesitate. Don't miss out on this truly limited time offer.

Every time I open this back up, spots do get taken up quickly.

So act now.

If For ANY Reason You're Not Satisfied...

I Want to Take On the 7-Day Challenge!I Want to Take On the 7-Day Challenge!